Tuesday morning on 1340 The Fan's Sportsline, Levi Fair and I dug into the situation that broke on Monday involving an unnamed player who was involved in an altercation at a local bar. We did our best to unpack what exactly happened and tried to untangle the story that, frankly, involved many moving parts.

With no names and very little information on the incident, it's impossible to know what exactly happened that night, especially since there were no cops at the scene. Why were there no cops at the scene? The underage drunk people decided to wait until the next afternoon to clue the authorities into what was happening.

No one witnessing the debacle, even though the article claims "a crowd formed," called the cops either.


I will guarantee there is cell phone footage of at least some of this event though, and if that video corroborates the overall tone of the victims' account of the situation, then the Texas Tech football team could lose a player before the 2017 season gets going.

The bottom line here, and an important lesson for the rest of the Texas Tech football team, is that nothing you do is anonymous. Even though this article says unnamed, the name of this Texas Tech football player will be released at some point. I'm sure there is a growing number of people who already know exactly who was involved.

Especially in a town like Lubbock, you cannot get away from the spotlight if you're an athlete on the football team. It's the highest profile you can attain as a student athlete at Texas Tech.

Obviously, this isn't an isolated incident; it seems like every collegiate program has players getting at trouble at bars every summer. Joe Mixon's drama came after a night out. Dalvin Cook's legal trouble happened at a bar. It seems like these players would learn that maybe a bar isn't the best place to be at this close to football season.

I'm not calling for all athletes to cancel their social lives, but maybe turn in around 11 p.m. instead of shutting the bar down and knocking people out (allegedly) at 2 a.m.

Just a thought.


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