Something most of us don't think about affecting West Texas is childhood hunger, but it is much more prevalent than you could imagine.

We talked with Clarissa Saunchez from United Supermarkets about the new campaign to help end childhood hunger in West Texas.

The schools have stepped up dramatically in their efforts to ensure that children have a nutritious breakfast and/or lunch during school times. But many children, according to Clarissa, don't eat between Friday when they get out of school and when they return on Monday.

That is so hard to even wrap our minds around, but it's sadly true.

United Supermarkets has partnered with local agencies which provide snacks and meals for children to help feed our kids who aren't getting the nutrition they need on the weekends.

Whenever you visit a United, Market Street, Amigos or Albertsons, just let the checker know how much you would like to donate and whether you are in Lubbock, Slaton or any United Supermarket town. Those funds stay there to help feed children locally.

Simply add whatever amount you would like to give onto your grocery bill when you check out.

Let's work together to help give all of our kids the nutrition they need to prosper mentally and physically.

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Photo credit: United Supermarket
Photo credit: United Supermarket

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