On Wednesday, March 24th, United Supermarkets presented a $75,000 check to Alström Angels for their Milestones Development & Play Park project.

Milestones Park claims to be a place where children can experience the feeling of a traditional, outside park that can be played in every day regardless of the weather.

The aforementioned project is intended to create a play space for children of all ages regardless of life circumstances they may be dealing with. The organization in charge, Alström Angels, is a non-profit charity that is dedicated to raising funds for medical and genetic research for Alström Syndrome.

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Alström Syndrome is a rare condition that is characterized by loss of vision and hearing, a heart disease that enlarges and weakens the heart muscle, obesity, type 2 diabetes and short stature. This disorder can cause medical problems in the liver, kidneys, bladder and lungs.

Alström Angels works to increase awareness for the condition among the general public and medical communities, as well as improving family support for those affected.

"Milestones Park was born from a vision of acceptance for everyone in our community, and bringing families together," said Cassie Johnston, executive director and co-founder of Alström Angels. "Without the support of local businesses like United, this vision could not transform into reality."

To learn more about Milestones Development & Play Park, head to milestonespark.org.

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