At around 9am two trains collided near the town of Panhandle along Highway 60.  

They are asking drivers to please avoid the area as authorities are attending rescue efforts. There are police, fire, and ambulance crews on the scene. There is also a lot of blowing smoke so please again stay away from that area if you can. The roads are still open but be very cautious. As of right now it's unknown if there were any casualties in the accident. We will continue to monitor our media partner KAMR and keep you updated on this news.

At least one of the trains was a BNSF freight train.

Keep everyone out there in your prayers!

Update: They are evacuating the east side of Panhandle. Evacuees can go to the courthouse or war memorial.

Update: They have closed Highway 60 at White Deer. The fire crews are asking residents to restrict water usage as they are depleting the water supply in Panhandle.

Update: BNSF confirmed that one train employee was taken to Northwest Hospital in Amarillo and is being treated.

Update: Both trains were confirmed to be BNSF freight trains. Three of the four employees involved in the crash are still missing. The man who was taken to Northwest for treatment apparently jumped before the crash and is in stable condition.

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