Sunday, Lubbock Police arrested two people involved in a quick-change scam at a local shoe store.

46 year-old Rodney James Ladd (pictured, above) and 48 year-old Jacque Pillette (pictured, below), both from Hobbs, NM, were arrested near I-27 and South Avenue Q Drive. They were both charged with theft and booked into the Lubbock County Jail.

Lubbock Police stated the pair made a small purchase at the Payless Shoes at the South Loop and Quaker on Saturday morning. While making their purchase they asked the cashier to make change for larger bills. The suspects, using a quick-change scam, confused the cashier and left the store with more money than they were owed.

Lubbock Police also stated the two men are the same suspects involved multiple similar theft scams around the City of Lubbock.

48 year-old Jacque Pillette- Feb. 22, 2016
Lubbock County Sheriff's Office

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