Kevin and his wife Kat deserve our praise. They did a really good deed, and, unfortunately, didn't go unpunished for it.

Not only was Kevin bitten by a frightened and seriously injured dog, but they had to go to a total of THREE vets to be seen. Meanwhile, Kevin just had to bleed all over the place instead of getting medical attention for himself.

You can read Kevin's Facebook post for all the details, but here's his TL;DR version of events:

TLDR: Took a bloody, dying, collared and tagged dog first to Cooper Veterinary clinic and was turned away because the vet was at lunch, then to ironically named Above and Beyond Pet Hospital in the middle of the day during business hours, and was turned away by a room full of medical professionals so they could complete their staff meeting. The dog and I both received some stitches and everything turned out fine thanks to Live Oak Animal Hospital, Orchard Park Family Medicine, and Katina's innate ability to remain calm and collected under pressure.

Since the incident, Above and Beyond Pet Hospital published a Facebook post in response, saying that they had fired one of their staff members as a result of the incident:

To Our Lubbock Community,

Our hospital leadership team was made aware that a critically injured pet was turned away from our practice by support staff member during a routine closure. This was an egregious lapse in judgement, and the staff member has since been terminated. We are a team of people who are passionate about animals and our priority is to serve our community with the best in pet care. We offer our heartfelt apologies and have taken steps to ensure this never happens again.

Above & Beyond Pet Care

Here's how Carlile responded:

False. There were two employees at the door and around 6 more right inside that saw the whole thing go down. I know this because I was the one bleeding in the car with the dog. A single scapegoat does not repair the broken culture of your establishment. I posted your Google review on Facebook and it has been re-posted over 600 times so far. Social media can be a good thing. If you really fired someone over this, it was a wrongful termination at best, as clearly no one person was responsible.

I feel badly for Kevin and Kat over their ordeal, but I want to thank them for taking the time to help someone else's pet. You guys rock.

Also, I have literally never heard anything but hugely positive reviews for Live Oak. Thanks for all you do for animals in our community.

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