Tugg is an absolutely adorable 'Target Dog' (e.g. an American Staffordshire Terrier), but he's also a survivor.

He's achieved a lot for a little dog, and here's his story from Hub City Comic Con:

I'm Tugg, a bull terrier puppy. My life hasn't started out so easy, but I'm hoping that things will only get better from here! I was rescued from the side of a busy highway, where I had been wrapped in a blanket and staked down because the problems I had were just too much for the people who had me. I had demodectic mange that covered about 80% of my body, and lots of other infections and and things that didn't work right. The officer that took me in thought I looked like I had been badly burned. The people at the shelter did all they could to help me, but no one had room for me at the time, including some breed specific rescues that were contacted. So, after being at the shelter for a little over a week, and being put on the 24 hour euthanasia list, my mommy and daddy (who are animal control officers at the shelter) said they would not let me die and would do what they can to help me. My new mommy and daddy took me to see an emergency vet, because they couldn't take me to their vet until the next day. But, that vet said I didn't have much of a chance, and that they should think about having me put down. The next day I went to see the family vet. He is such a nice guy! He did tests on me to find out what I have, and said that with some time, love, good food and medication (money too), I should make a full recovery.So, here I am in my new home being nursed back to health. I like it here! I didn't know that I would have my own page on Facebook, but since a couple of my roommates are famous Extreme Mutt Makeover dogs, here I am! My daddy was putting progress reports of me on his page, but I think he's going to move all of that here, since I will have my own fan page. Thanks for "liking" me!

Tugg's list of achievements is also impressive:

  • AKC (American Kennel Club) Award of Canine Excellence - Companion Animal
  • Dog of the Week
  • Top 10 Dogs you should Follow on Social Media
  • Spacie Award Hall of Fame Inductee
  • Hall of Heroes Super Hero Museum Inductee
  • Top 5 Inspiring Stories of the Year

You can meet Tugg at Hub City Comic Con on August 25th & 26th, and he's arguably the cutest of a great list of celebrity guests.

So far, here's the huge list of special guests and events Hub City Comic Con has planned for 2018:

For ticket information, a full event schedule and more, visit Hub City Comic Con's official website, and be sure to like them on Facebook for future updates. Download our free app, sign up for our newsletter and keep your eyes on this website for more epic Hub City Comic Con announcements.

Hub City Comic Con happens August 24th-26th, 2018 at the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center, 1501 Mac Davis Lane.

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