I absolutely love tosh.O on Comedy Central. It is one of the funniest shows on tv ever, and I've seen a lot of tv. I can't wait for each new episode especially when all the other shows are done for the season, that's when Tosh comes back into my tv every Tuesday. I've even interviewed him twice, and yes he's that funny all the time. I also noticed that if you follow him on Twitter, which KISS does, he answers every tweet he gets during the shows, so he's a little down to earth to.

That is why I want his College Campus Invasion to come to Texas Tech. He's having a contest right now to decide where he'll bring his show, and he wants us the viewers to submit videos telling him why our campus is the best campus. I know with the unmatched creativity of the thousands of Tech students, someone can send him a video funny enough to get us in the running. Here's Daniel explaining it:


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Here's the first entry from Bowling Green University:

 Here's the entry from Michigan State:

So far these are the only 2 entries he's talked about on the show. Remember last time he was here the show sold out, so you know he remembers us. Let's bring him back and do a live taping! Come on Tech show us what you got! Pass this around on facebook and twitter and let's get everyone involved.

And just for kicks here are some random Daniel Tosh facts:

1. He can't be president because he was born in West Germany, but he grew up in Florida.

2. He suffers from social anxiety disorder, and he says he also has OCD.

3. As a kid he sold CutCo knives door to door. I have some, they're sharp. As knives should be.

4. He says he will end his career when he turns 38, possibly by comitting suicide. There is a countdown clock on his website. But remember he is a comedian, so that's probably just some sick joke.

5. Daniel graduated from Astronaut High School in Titusville, Florida, and the University of Central Florida. He's an astronaut?

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