After the literal smoke has cleared, it's really nice outside. Before we know it, it's going to be boiling hot, so here's a little list of fun things to do outside in Lubbock while the weather is perfect.



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    Visit The Ranching Heritage Center

    3121 4th St, Lubbock, TX 79409

    The Ranching Heritage Center is an absolute treasure and way less boring than it sounds. It's easy to kill an hour or two wandering around and reading up on the unique and real historical buildings. The park is curated in such a way that if you follow the path you'll follow the evolution and cultural trends of West Texas architecture through time. It's a great way to show kids our history but even as an adult by myself I love adventuring through the center and imagining myself living in West Texas's past.The best part? The RHC is free! Their hours are as follows, per their website:

    10am to 5pm

    1 to 5pm

    • Outdoor historical park closes daily at 4p.m.
    • No park entry after 3:30p.m.
    • Trolley ride with tour guide at 10a.m. each Thursday
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    Have Dinner & A Movie at Stars & Stripes Drive-In

    5101 Clovis Rd, Lubbock, TX 79416

    I get very excited for Drive-In weather. I love getting to snuggle up in the car- or even better the back of a pick-up truck and watch new movies outside.There's a play area for kids and the food in their cafe is incredible- my bestie and I love to munch on chihuahua sandwiches, which are a weird and totally delicious "sandwich" made out of chili, pimento cheese and cabbage between two corn tostadas. There's also every fried thing you can ever want and the only place in town that I know of that has Slush Puppies. They are open Wednesday through Sunday at 6:30pm and movies start at dark. Get there early and don't forget to restart your car so your battery doesn't day (although they will jump you after the movie if you do forget)

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    Disc Golf

    Lubbock actually has three different disc golf courses in public parks: Mackenzie, McAlister and Mae Simmons. Disc golf can be quite a bit of fun and some enthusiasts invest hundreds into their disc collection. Academy Sports here in Lubbock has beginner disc sets starting as low as $9.99.

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    A Picnic at the Arboretum

    4111 University

    Benches, shade, and lovely plants make the perfect setting with a friend (even a furry one, so long as they are leashed) for a gorgeous picnic in this mild weather. Nestled on the northwest side of Clapp park, The Lubbock Memorial Arboretum has labeled indigenous and imported trees to explore. They even update their website with what flowers are currently blooming!  They frequently have activities, workshops, and volunteer opportunities but my personal favorite thing to do is have a moment to sit quietly in peace.

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    Visit Buffalo Springs Lake

    9999 High Meadow Rd, Buffalo Springs, TX 79404

    A very short drive out of town and a nominal "gate" fee gets you into Buffalo Springs Lake, which is a lovely place to walk around, camp,boat, fish, kayak or just dip your feet. They frequently have special events as well. If you love to jog it's an excellent place to do so, with lovely cool breezes coming off the water. Fun fact: they also host the qualifying half-Ironman that leads to the full Ironman in Hawaii.

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