I know that a lot and I mean a lot of wanted and got your very own Kindle Fire for Christmas. If Santa didn't get it for you, then you bought it for yourself judging by the insane number of Kindles sold this year.

Apps have grown to be an essential tool for gadgets like mobile phones and tablets. Nearly all of the tablets include their own app stores developed to help users. With incredibly modest setup, consumers will be able to side load apps other than Amazon App store to boost the device.

Here are the 5 best Kindle Fire Apps you must have to make you comfortable while using it.


1. Hulu Plus

With Hulu Plus apps, you can access entire seasons of their favorite network shows. Best part about it? Its all free! It is one of the best Kindle app.

Amazon Kindle Fire customers can instantly view thousands of TV shows, including popular shows such as Saturday Night Live, Modern Family, The Office, Glee, Grey’s Anatomy, and House from top networks like Comedy Central, ABC, FOX, MTV, The CW, VH-1. Hulu Plus


2. Trillian


Trillian is an instant messaging app, which allows you connect to AIM, Google Talk, and other main chat networks. It’s a multi-network chat user, which currently supports AIM, MSN, IRC, Yahoo Messenger, and ICQ. If you are a social media freakazoid, then this is a must have Kindle Fire app.

With this app, user can easily keep them active with online chatting via several accessible chats. Users will be able to connect to various people and maintain a relation with their online community. Trillian


3. Tumblr


With Tumblr App, you can look for updates from the websites for which you create, post and follow blogs. It’s a great tool for a bloggist and is a free App that can be downloaded for blogging.

With Tumblr, users can share links, photos, quotes, video, and text and also save drafts, customize tweets, and queue posts. They can view and respond to messages and also locate people to track from their address book. Tumblr


4. Angry Birds


Angry Birds App lets users to add Amazon’s standard range of music, magazines, newspapers, and books and also to dig into the App store of Amazon. Amazon has several versions of the popular series, including ad supported and free selections. A game enthusiast must download Angry Birds for fresh challenges around seasons and various holidays.(I hate the Christmas Version! Too freakin hard!) AngryBirds


5. Evernote


Evernote is more than simply a notepad, which can store photos, notes, screen shots, and web pages and all these are backed up online. With this app, you can easily manage data with help of notebooks to set related content and also easily locate whatever you need. You can send reminders, keep notes on hobbies and projects, store recipes, and make a diary for yourself. Evernote



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