Sometimes, it just has to be chicken fried and sanctified. If you don't crave Southern Fried Food every once in a while, then you must not be from around here.

Cholesterol be damned, we love us some fried food in Lubbock. There are a lot of places to pick up an item or two, but these places I consider to be connoisseurs of chicken fry and artists of bringing you that crunchy on the outside, tender on the inside, completely satisfying comfort food. Best of all, to my knowledge, all of these places listed are local.

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    River Smith's Chicken & Catfish

    River Smith's has been a Lubbock favorite FOREVER. Chicken, fish, clam stips, chicken fried steak and more, all served with little ceremony or pretense; just a plate of great food. The fried zucchini is also a must have.

    It's located at 406 Avenue Q. You can visit their website for a full menu.

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    The Ranch House Restaurant

    I always forget about The Ranch House Restaurant, but most people in Lubbock don't. They're in a very nondescript building at 1520 Buddy Holly Ave. They have two sizes of chicken fried steak and steak fingers, but the secret here is the fried chicken. Check out their menu.

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    Dimba's Chicken & Seafood

    Longtime Lubbock folk will swear by Dimba's Chicken & Seafood; you just can't go wrong there. The food is always good, hot and ready to go. They're just "never fail" food. Good stuff at two locations: 421 Frankford Ave & 5718 4th Street,

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    Lubbock's Breakfast House

    Fried chicken, catfish and HUGE chicken fried steak. Don't forget to get the fried jalapeno bottlecaps for starters. They're located at 7006 University Ave. You can check out their website for a full menu.

  • 5

    Shrimp Galley

    Shrimp Galley is my choice for absolute best fried seafood served in a family environment. One tip: Skip the fries and go for the baked potato or rice. 5109 82nd St.

    Visit their website for a menu and more.

  • Bonus

    Danny's Fins & Hens

    Danny's Fins & Hens is a caterer. Its kind of a stunner that they don't have a storefront, but if you want fish or chicken catered, Danny's is the Lubbock hookup. Danny's WILL rent you a banquet room though if you don't have a place in mind. Check out their website for more info.