Good old Lubbock- the Hub City, the Hub of the Plains, or as my friends and I have always called it- Dirt City.

Nicknames can help define a place, so if your traveling up to Bomb City, over to Lean City or Down to The Tone, be sure to wave at these little oddities as you pass by.

Bertram –"Home of the Oatmeal Festival" A town that celebrates breakfast's biggest disappointment.

Burnet- "It is pronounced BURN-IT, Durn-it, Can't ya LEARN it?" Delightfully southern or weirdly aggressive? You decide!

Corsicana – "Fruit Cake Capital of the World" I'm sure elderly cowboy types love this nickname.

Denison – "Wine Root Stock Capital of the World"


Eagle Pass – "Where Yee-Ha Meets Olé" I've never been here and I'm already annoyed.

Gilmer – "Home of the Yamboree (refers to yams)" Are we throwing them at each other at least?

Hereford – "Town Without a Toothache" God love the good folks of Hereford but I've been there and this HAS to be a lie.

Hutto – "Hippo Capital of Texas" There's probably one total hippo and that was enough to qualify.

Knox City – "Seedless Watermelon Capital of Texas" Oddly specific and somewhat lame considering Naples is "The Watermelon Capital of The World"

Odessa "Jackrabbit-Roping Capital of Texas" Is Odessa really so boring you have to harass the jack rabbits?


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