Tony Lucca may have ’99 Problems,’ but being a loser on ‘The Voice‘ isn’t one of them. The indescribably popular singer-songwriter with the soulful heart and voice walked onto the stage with sheer confidence on Monday, hoping to impress fans enough to send him into reality show fame on Tuesday.

And impress he did. Each of the four remaining contestants got three chances to show their worth during the two-hour episode, and Tony seemed to have a fire behind him — okay, he literally did have a fire behind him — when he kicked off his trio with Jay-Z‘s smash ’99 Problems.’

The former Mouseketeer stood at the front of the stage, armed with his trusty guitar and a foot drum, and gave an especially unique delivery of the song popularized by the rapper so many years ago. It’s clear that Tony has every intention to win this thing, but true to form, when it was Christina Aguilera‘s moment to speak she used it to cut him down.

The scantily-clad singer — who famously called Lucca “one-dimensional” earlier in the season — made a rather ironic observation about Tony’s song choice, noting that it was disrespectful to women. She didn’t stop there, turning it into a personal attack by pointing out that the 36-year-old artist has a wife and daughter and that his rendition of ’99 Problems’ goes against them. It’s clear that for some reason, Xtina has beef with Lucca, but he didn’t let that stop him from keeping up his game throughout the evening.

Later in the show, coach Adam Levine joined Tony onstage and the pair set the mood with stools and musical instruments. For their coach-contestant duet, they chose the Beatles’ classic hit ‘Yesterday,’ which perfectly showcased their individual talents while allowing them to sing together in absolute soulful harmony. “Tony and I are kindred spirits,” Adam declared. We believe him.

A membership to the Mickey Mouse Club may be strong, but a bond between two brothers is unbreakable. Tony got a chance to say thanks to his coach with a song near the end of the show, performing Levine’s own hit ‘Harder to Breathe.’ Truth be told, we had to do a double-take to ensure that it wasn’t the Maroon 5 frontman himself making the ladies scream.

Sure, he forgot a few lyrics, but Tony kept a smile on his face throughout the song — and like a true professional, kept his cool and moved things along. Adam smiled on while his hopeful pumped up the crowd and soaked up the spotlight for one last time.

If there’s a way to wrap up his Monday night in just a few words, suffice it to say that Tony Lucca was blessed not only with perfect song choices this evening, but a sense of total domination. It’s clear he’s been tackling the music world professionally for a long time, and his road experience shined through in a new way during the songs, each more captivating than the last.

Thankfully, Christina didn’t get a chance to diss him again after his final performance, so we imagine he’ll find it hard to come down from the natural high he breathed in during ‘The Voice’ pre-finale. When he got a minute to speak his mind, he didn’t — Tony thanked all four coaches and was as sincere as ever. Hopefully, America’s votes will show that respect and dignity are still important values in our idols.

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Watch Tony Lucca Perform ‘Harder to Breathe’ on ‘The Voice’

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