Some people are just funny, Jim Carey, Will Farrell and Steve Carrell are just a few that no matter what the situation, on the street or on the screen they are just funny. Even though his roles have leaned toward the serious side Tom Hanks is still one of the best comedians and funny people in general.

Tom had to have his elbow drained to deal with a case of bursitis.  And instead of maintaining a little privacy, he decided to record it, and post the video for all to see.

It's pretty gross.  His doctor had to use two syringes to drain everything  and there's a little blood.

But the whole thing is pretty lighthearted.  At one point he even brags that they had to use, quote, "Two syringes!  How 'bout that?  Double-barreled!"

Check it out:

Tom Hanks on WhoSay