If you live near Lowery Field, then it's time to clean up before the city gets onto you.

The City of Lubbock Codes Enforcement has announced a codes exercise in the Lowery Field area. The exercise will take place on Wednesday, June 6th from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The area extends from 50th Street to South Loop 289 and University to I-27. A field office will be at the Vandelia Church of Christ at 2002 60th Street and they will have a roll-off dumpster for large, bulky items.

From The City of Lubbock:

The object of this exercise will be to identify violations relating to Junked Vehicles, Nuisance Weeds and Rubbish, Substandard Housing and Zoning.  Code Administration Inspectors will be talking to the public to provide education regarding these types of violations, citing violations, and possibly abating violations during this exercise.

So get it cleaned up before the tickets start.

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