Tim Samaras from the Discovery Channel show "Storm Chasers" died on Friday, while chasing a tornado in El Reno, Oklahoma.  His son also died, along with a colleague named Carl Young.

The men were mourned by family and colleagues over the weekend. Samaras was the field organizer and founder of the Tactical Weather Instrumented Sampling in-near Tornadoes Experiment, more commonly known as TWISTEX, a tornado research organization, and spent more than 20 years following storms.

"I chase the most powerful storms on the planet," he said in a video uploaded to YouTube last year. "All my life I've been on a quest to figure out how theses things worked. Tornadoes have represented the biggest challenge as they are very fleeting in nature and extremely difficult to pinpoint their proposed destruction."

They were three of the 11 people who were killed by storms that night.  Tim was part of the show for its final three seasons, before it was cancelled last year.


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