Yesterday a lot of you spent your Valentines Day evening spoiling one another, enjoying a nice dinner and maybe a little rated (R) action. And a lot of you may of had an EPIC Fail night. Maybe your gift was no good or your date night was lame in general. If you had a miserably lame V-Day, here are some ways you might make-up for it from

1.) Acknowledge Your Mistake. This isn't the time to justify your good intentions with the old "you're making a big deal about nothing" excuse. To her, Valentine's Day IS a big deal. Once you’ve successfully fessed up to yourself, it’s time to fess up to your girlfriend. Your best bet is to start with an apology. You feel bad enough to want to make things right, so an apology should flow easily and sincerely and should endear her to your Valentine’s Day redux idea.

2.) Make It Up to Her. Your original Valentine's Day plan was lame, so now it's time to impress her with a thoughtful and unique surprise.

Is there a nice restaurant she's been wanting to try? And by "nice" I mean "expensive." You're more likely to get a reservation this weekend anyway. Or surprise her with a getaway next weekend and say you wanted to wait until after the Valentine's Day craziness. That's right lie if you have to moron!

If you're low on cash, it's more about the personal touches in your plan, not how much money you drop. So instead of dinner at a fancy restaurant, try making her a romantic meal at your place and give her a heartfelt, handwritten card.

3.) Have a Backup Make-up Plan. Depending on how mad she is, you should prepare yourself for rejection when it comes to your make-up plan. It’s all about being accommodating now. If she refuses any of your initial ideas, try a backup plan that doesn't require her participation at all.

Have a surprise lunch from her favorite restaurant delivered to her at work with a handwritten note from you. Schedule a massage for her and have the spa deliver the news to confirm it to her.

Valentine’s Day may be a little corny, but at its core it celebrates love and gives you the opportunity to show your girlfriend just how much you appreciate her. To make up for a bad Valentine's Day, all you need is a solid recovery plan and she'll be swooning. Just don’t forget it again next year then you’re on your own.

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