With the ease of posting social experiments online, it is rare to find one that I truly adore and connect with. Many of them involve asking questions on the street, trying to give away random items, or other themes that are mostly based on entertainment.

Occasionally, a project makes its way out of the shadows that has true depth and meaning to it. The kind of social experiments like what Marna Abramovic did in 1974 where she stood in a room full of people for 6 hours with a table of 72 random objects, allowing them to do whatever they want to her. These types of projects show the true nature of many people. Whether it be good or bad.

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I recently came across one of these sorts of projects on TikTok. Phillip Ward started the project by posting to the video sharing app a phone number that they can call and leave a message on. It has been named ‘At the Beep’ after its success with over 20,000 voicemails being left after about a week.

Ward proceeded to make a separate account for the project where he shares some of his favorite voicemails. While some are lighthearted with quotes and fun stories, others are absolutely heartbreaking. Some used this as a way to leave a message for their deceased relatives or long-lost loves, and others used it as a way to share their biggest fears or wishes they know will never come true.

There is currently a website being made for the project, but until then, you can call and leave a message of our own. Or you can follow the official TikTok account and listen to the messages others have left so far.

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