A new customizable macaroni bar called Roni’s Mac Bar, located in Waco, Texas recently went viral on TikTok.

While some people seemed interested in the spot and expressed their interest in the comments, others felt it necessary to share their disgust with the food’s preparation.

In the video, they show off how they make their Buffalo Mac. They start with the noodles, then add their special cheese sauce, chicken, onion and buffalo sauce. When I watched the video, I saw nothing wrong with it. Sure, it looked really simple, but when it comes to mac and cheese I don’t expect it to be very complicated. I went to the comments expecting to see a lot of people that were excited about the new restaurant, but that was not the case.

These people’s negative reaction has nothing to do with the quality of the food but is entirely based on their preference for seasoning. The video in question has over 3 million views and 228,500 comments that can’t seem to get over what they deem to be "bland" chicken. There were far too many comments complaining about how little seasoning there was and how they would only pay a few bucks for something like that.

I understand not caring for the way something is prepared, but if something doesn’t fit your taste then simply don’t eat there. I will never agree with the trend of people online thinking that everything has to fit their exact taste in order for it to be correct. These people also haven’t even tried their food, so how do they know if it’s as bland as they are claiming?

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The person making the video explained how they have a special blend of seasoning in the cheese sauce, so maybe adding a lot of seasoning to the chicken would be too much. I’m sure the restaurant has its reason for making it the way they do and don’t need a bunch of internet trolls trying to drag their name when all they want to do is share their creations with people.

If I’m ever in Waco, I would love to give Roni’s a try. It seems like a fun and unique new restaurant that all mac and cheese lovers will enjoy.

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