When someone that isn’t from Texas thinks about the state, there are a few things that come to mind. They probably think about cowboys, TexMex food, or that classic ‘everything is bigger in Texas’ saying.

None of those things are surprising, and they each have some amount of truth to them when associating it to the Lone Star state. However, when someone that has lived in Texas thinks about the state, there are a few other things that come to mind with one in particular that tends to confuse out-of-staters.

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Out of all the traditions Texans share, one annual high school tradition is unlike any other. That is the homecoming mums.

Having gone to high school outside of Texas, I had no ideas what a mum was when I moved here. The first time a friend mentioned it I thought they were just saying ‘mom’ with a British accent. Turns out, it is a huge deal and really brings the ‘everything is bigger in Texas’ idea to life.

So much time and effort goes into this tradition, and now that I understand it and have been in Texas for several years, I can appreciate it.

So, when I came across a video showing off an entire store just for mums supplies, I knew I had to share it.

Based out of Plano, Texas, ‘The Mum Shop’ is an entire store dedicated to selling everything you need to make a beautiful mum. They have every color of ribbon and feather boas, all sorts of charms, and even pre-made sets that you just have to piece together.

It has to be one of the most Texas stores out there.

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