If you've ever owned a pool, or even been to a public one, then you might have seen tennis balls floating around in them. They're there for more than just summer fun. Tennis balls can actually help clean your pool.

The worst part about swimming pools and hot tubs is that all of the dirt on people's bodies is washed off in the pool. And it's nasty. Tanning oil, sunscreen, body oil, dead skin, dirt from every crevice imaginable -- all of it is left floating on the surface of the pool when you get out.

Now, of course pools have cleaning chemicals and filters to clean everything up. But those take time to clean the entire pool. But if you throw some tennis balls into the pool, the fuzzy exterior of the ball will absorb most of that dirt and oil. Then, you can just wash the balls in your dishwasher and use them again.

Life...hacked. You're welcome. (Unless you're like me and can't afford you very own swimming pool, then it doesn't matter anyway.)

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