As summer comes into full force, now's the perfect time to get outside and enjoy all your favorite summer activities. Whether you’re swimming, having a barbecue or going on a picnic, you always need a good cooler to keep your drinks cold all day.

The BruTank is a new innovative cooler designed by BruMate that was officially released in February 2022. The company started by making a variety of drinkware and has now moved into the cooler industry. There are so many coolers out there already, so BruMate wanted to stand out and provide a product that's practical, functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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The BruTank is unique because it doesn’t only hold ice and canned or bottled beverages; it also has a 2.8-gallon tap built into the cooler. This allows users to make drinks that can stay cool and be easily accusable from the spout located on the side of the cooler.

Along with a 48-can capacity and an advertised 7 days of ice retention, you can keep all your favorite drinks cold on those hot summer days. BruMate also prides itself on the cooler being durable in any environment with puncture-resistant wheels, a built in bottle opener and an EVA foam top that doubles as a bench seat.

If you're looking for a new high-quality cooler, have a budget of around $400 and are OK to wait the 6-8 week preorder timeframe they currently have, then this could be a great cooler for you. You can learn more about the BruTank and other BruMate products on their Instagram, TikTok, or official website.

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