One of the things I like to warn people about is scammers.

They love to pray on people who may not be wise to the ways of the world, especially the elderly.

With that being said, meet Betty Murphy Grumpus, the fictional elderly woman created by The Hoax Hotel, a Youtuber who loves to prank phone scammers. The goal of these calls seems to be to frustrate and waste as much of the scammers time as possible.

As described by HoaxHotel:

Welcome to The Hoax Hotel! A striking, comedy-stuffed channel filled with prank calls to scammer scumbags of all forms. I love trolling scammers to their pathetic little cores while wasting ALL their time,

Hoax Hotel loves to nail the Nigerian scammers posing as an 82-year-old woman named Betty Murphy Grumpus, the Zamboni driving, Boone's Farm drinking granny!

This would drive me bonkers as well if I was a scammer. He also loves to nail the tax refund scammers.

So if you need a break and a good laugh, then this is for you! And hopefully, Betty will be able to knock off the Boone's Farm soon!


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