The internet is an amazing thing. Not only can you use it to research important topics and communicate with people thousands of miles away, but it's also full of entertaining content.

You can find videos about pretty much anything on the internet. From funny animals to heartwarming footage of families being reunited, there's something for everyone. While everyone’s humor or what they find endearing might not always line up, one type of content that everyone can appreciate are satisfying videos.

Something about certain sounds and visuals can tickle a person’s brain in just the right way. That is why not only ASMR videos have become so popular, but also other content that fits in that "satisfying" category.

Let’s take a look at some really satisfying videos that you can find on TikTok right now.

Let’s start with a classic: a perfectly clean screen.

How about the popping sound this Japanese street food vendor makes?

You’re sure to love this crazy pen.

This one might start weirdly, but it ends in the most satisfying way.

Nothing compares to the work of a true professional.

One of the best for last: Peeling off the protective film.

There are plenty more satisfying videos where that came from too. If you're in the mood to tickle your brain with more of these sights and sounds, you can find them with the #satisfying hashtag on TikTok, Instagram and more. You can also look up compilations of videos like this on YouTube.

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