I can however show you the regular trailer and include a link to the red band. If you choose to click through to see it, that's your decision.

I'm sure many of the ladies have not only heard about the new movie "Magic Mike" but they've already made "girls night out" plans for opening weekend. Well I have a little teaser here for you to whet your whistle even more. Of course I'm including the regular trailer, but if you click a link in this post, it might just take you to the naughty naughty red band trailer.

What does that mean? I'll tell you.

Red band trailers are the ones where they can, and do, play the cuss words uncensored, and show any nudity that they want. So if you're in the market for Alex Pettyfer or Channing Tatum's naked butts, this is for you. Oh and there's also a silhouette of a dudes junkhood somewhere in there too. Don't say I didn't warn you.