This band is called Cure For Paranoia. They're from Dallas, and they're coming to Lubbock. You need to know about this band.

Cure For Paranoia is coming to Lubbock and trust me, mark my words, you need to know about these guys. After a roof raising couple of dates supporting Snow Da Product, Cure For Paranoia return to Jake's Backroom on Monday December 12th supporting 21 Savage. No doubt, this band is poised to share their unique blend of indescribable art with the masses. In fact I’m already looking to get them their own show back in Lubbock soon. They have a explosive residency at Drug Store Cowboy in Deep Ellum, Dallas that is growing exponentially and spreading organically across the state. This band will ignite soon and I guarantee Lubbock can stand with this band from day 1 . Trust me on this and give it a listen. They were described to me as a kind of trip-hop fusion piece with a paranoid schizophrenic behind the mic who openly shares his vulnerabilities, struggles and triumphs with us through their music. Letting everyone know that no matter what, we are all okay. This is what I got originally:

Cure For Paranoia These guys are really exciting.Maybe even “art hop”? psychedelic hip hop , neo-soul group out of Dallas. The rapper, Cameron, is a bipolar paranoid schizophrenic that writes openly abut his insecurities and issues. The connection they have with the people is a beautiful thing. They also have a vocalist with a ferocious voice that interweaves with the rapping giving it a fresh approach. 2 additional DJ/ Producers on stage, incorporating live instruments when needed make it a socially conscious , engaging , feel good live performance. Up for best new act, best hip hop and best group act in the Dallas Observer’s Dallas Music Awards. Tied deeply into fashion and art. The residency at Drug Store Cowboy in  Deep Ellum has been breaking attendance and bar sales ,lines around the block and growing exponentially. Will be too big for the space by the end of the year.

The best way I can describe them to you is a cross between 21 Pilots and The Chainsmokers. But I hate to put a sound into your head, when I should just let them do it instead.

You might have also seen this video where Cameron in the band walked up to Erykah Badu after her performance in Dallas and freestyled in front of her. She was so floored she invited them to play her birthday party.

I'll keep you updated on these guys because they are going to explode!