Reminder: The Weeknd's got a hell of a voice.

The Canadian born singer-songwriter, known for his soaring falsetto, first began earning attention in 2010 when he started uploading videos to YouTube. A year and three mixtapes later, he'd amassed a fanbase, and songs like "What You Need" got the attention of Drake.

Now, three full-length albums into his career (and two Grammy Awards...) The Weeknd shows no signs of stopping, and his 2016 Starboy was one of the biggest hits of 2016, captivating fans with hits like "I Feel it Coming" and "Party Monster."

Above, we've collected some of The Weeknd's very best live vocals — from a late-night production of "Pretty" to his "Starboy" set at the Victoria's Secret Fashion show. Check out the highlights, and if there's something glaring we overlooked, share it in the comments.

2017 Firefly Festival — The Weeknd + More:

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