When it comes to who and what is "sexy" who's advice would you take"? A middle aged blogger from a unknown location in the US that is living in his mother's basement and may or may not have plans to undergo sex reassignment surgery? Or the always beautiful girls of "Victoria's Secret"? That's what I thought. Victoria's Secret has released its annual "What Is Sexy list" which is supposedly chosen by the Victoria's Secret models themselves.
Check this out:

Sexiest Actress: Jessica Chastain

Sexiest Style: Nina Dobrev

Sexiest Legs: Blake Lively

Sexiest Bikini Body: Rihanna

Sexiest Hair: Amanda Seyfried

Sexiest Smile: Zoe Saldana

Sexiest Eyes: Zooey Deschanel

Sexiest Lips: Kerry Washington

Sexiest Sense of Humor: Jennifer Lawrence

Sexiest Songstress: Beyoncé

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