Alright for all of my "Jersey Shore" Junkies, here is the skinny on what a couple of your favorite guidos and guidettes are up to.


"The Situation", a.k.a. the "Muscular Messiah" has been released from rehab and there is only one way to announce it. Yep you guessed it, let's make a Happy Easter Video and put it on YouTube.


I cannot believe all the websites that are just for the "Sitch". I mean really? How many sites does a drunk, oops, sorry, ex-drunk from Jersey need. is "GTL" that interesting?  Anyway,  check it out:

I'm sorry but I'm sure if you look up "douchebag" it will just find this photo:



Now let me ask you, when I say Snooki, what do you think of? Drunk, nasty, irresponsible maybe slut? No. When I say Snooki you should think children's slippers. WTF?


That's right, being pregers evidently has brought out all those maternal instincts Snooks has obviously been missing out on. Snooki is putting out a line of children's slippers. The slippers will be available at later this spring for $15 a pair.


The shoe company that she's working with says, quote, "Snooki" is extremely involved in the development. She's extremely particular. She didn't just sign and walk away. She's involved in every facet, from the website design to the slippers."

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