A couple of weeks ago in May, I wrote about how the old Stein Mart building on Quaker and Loop 289 sure looked like an AutoZone:

"When I finally noticed the paint, I thought to myself, "Self, that looks like an AutoZone." That's when I did what I always do when I want to know if something new is being planned in Lubbock. I go to Lubbock in the Loop.

Sure enough, this is what I saw:

Location: 7020 Quaker (old Stein Mart location)
Opening: August, tentatively

So there you go. If it looks like an AutoZone, sounds like an AutoZone and smells like an AutoZone, it's probably an AutoZone."

Fast forward a fortnight into June and look what they've done. They've proved Lubbock in the Loop right. That website is always right, but add another win to their win column if you're keeping track.

To the naked eye, this is the biggest AutoZone in Lubbock and must be competing with that new eBay motors commercial where they talk about having a million parts in the warehouse of the internet. Well, this AutoZone is going to have a million parts in the building*, so take that.

*I have not confirmed that they will have a million parts, but spark plugs are small and I think if stacked correctly you could probably fit a large amount into the new AutoZone. I'm not a scientist, mathematician or mechanic, so I'm probably out of my depth on the subject matter. Are spark plugs even the smallest part? Could they lay belts flat and fit more in? I doubt it. Wait, bolts probably have a smaller surface area than a spark plug and you could eliminate the need for individual boxes. A million bolts would for sure fit into the new AutoZone.

The Old Stein Mart in Lubbock Gets Turned Into a Gigantic AutoZone

When driving by the building I thought, 'wow, they ripped off AutoZone's paint job.' Then I looked up what was going to be in the building. It's an AutoZone.

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