The city of New Orleans was rocked by another hurricane this offseason and the football teams in the city are being put out. Obviously, there are much bigger things in life than sports, but the Saints have been a symbol of strength to New Orleans residents that life goes on after hurricanes.

The Tulane Green Wave has had to shift their home game against the Oklahoma Sooners to Norman this weekend after most of the city lost power.

Tulane hasn't just had to move their game. They've been practicing all week in Birmingham, Alabama. The Saints have also announced that they'll be looking for a place to host their season opener against the Green Bay Packers.

Texas Tech has had backup quarterbacks for both teams, with Kliff Kingsbury spending time with New Orleans and Graham Harrell spending time with the Green Bay Packers.

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Now, the Red Raiders will be using Jones AT&T Stadium on September 11th and September 18th, but the Saints only need a home on the 12th of September then the next two weeks are road games for the Saints.

Why not open the doors on September 12th for the Saints to come down to Lubbock. Proceeds can go to hurricane relief and Team Luke Hope for Minds, who had a strong relationship with the New Orleans Saints and Texas Tech.

I know the logistics of something like this could be tough to pull together, but I bet Lubbock would absolutely show up for an NFL game in the city. Especially for a matchup like the Saints and what could be one of Aaron Rodgers' final games ever as a Green Bay Packer.

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