Saturday night brought us a big beautiful blood moon. Tonight will bring us a more minor, but equally cool sounding occurrence.

Desert Trip - Weekend 2 - Day 2
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Tonight (Oct. 18), the moon will block out a star. This is known as an occultation and should be visible in Lubbock and all of Texas.

It doesn't sound like much... "blocking out a star"...but the star in question this time is Aldebaran, which forms the "eye of the bull" in the Taurus sky formation (damn that sounded kind of smart).

Viewers in the south and east are supposed to be able to see (or not see) the moon block one of the sky brightest starts tonight.

You can read more on this occurrence at Have a look tonight and take in the enormity of the universe! Or just pretend the moon is Pac-Man and he's eating one of those little dots.


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