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Last night, my dear friends Topher and Eddie went to Lubbock's Costco to purchase "not Lubbock water," which is fair and sensible; Lubbock water is really gross. What's not so fair, nor sensible, was that Costco was completely out of water and toilet paper, as seen in the photo Topher took last night.

Costco may have since gotten a truck in, but you might call before you make a trip there or to Sam's Club, which I am told was also out of both products.

I am in no way meaning to demean folks who are afraid of Covid-19. I'm afraid of it too, to be honest. As a lifelong asthmatic, the last thing I need is viral pneumonia. What I don't understand is why it's being treated like a snowstorm or a hurricane. Having 9,000 rolls of hockey tickets isn't going to keep you from getting sick. The virus is transmitted from person to person, not through water supplies.

"But what if I'm quarantined?" Fair question, but quarantine would last 14 days. Are you planning on spending that time entirely on the toilet? And honestly, at this point, you're odds of being quarantined in Lubbock are pretty low. And I'm saying this as a bona fide paranoid germaphobe.

I promise I empathize, and my behavior isn't perfect either. Right now, I won't go shopping unless I have to, and certainly not at big place. Honestly, I'm more afraid of going to a big box store than not having supplies from that store.

Here's hoping I don't run out of T.P. in the next few days. If I do, I'm coughing on your door handles.

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