If you asked most American citizens "What do you think Rappers spent election day doing?". I'm sure you would get a lot of marijuana and 40 oz beer jokes. Point of fact KISS artist "The Game"  did all he could to make sure people voted today.  Who ever says that rappers are just high paid, tattooed thugs content on derailing the youth of America may want to eat those words. "The Game" isn't letting New Yorkers use Hurricane Sandy as an excuse not to vote today,  in fact, he tells the guys at TMZ, he's already donated $10,000 to 500 voters stranded by the storm just to get them to the polls.

"Game" tells TMZ,

 "the money was intended to help voters who were hit hard by last  week's disaster to pay for gas or another form of transportation in order to  cast their ballot."

The 33 year old multi-platinum selling artist also helped out today by shuttling people to the polls in his own car. "The Game", who lives in LA, says he voted by absentee ballot, and  claims he's not doing this to influence people to vote for President Obama, he simply wants people in the effected "Hurricane Sandy" areas to get out and exercise their right to vote as assured by our founding Fathers, who FYI did not like rap music. He say's President O does not need the help.


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