You don't have to be a total bibliophile to love the Freinds of the Library Booksale that happens a couple times each year. I've gotten high-quality, beautiful and expensive books for bargains and I love the hunt. Everything from DVDs, audiobooks, comic books, novels and non-fiction are there for cheap, and you're supporting a great cause.

Ben Pruchnie
Not Our Actual Library, But Close Enough, Ben Pruchnie, Getty Images

Perhaps my greatest score was the original English printing of Marquis de Sade's Juliette for $6, which is currently on eBay for $55 (it's an erotica book written in 1801, lol). You'll be surpised at how many high value items are there for cheap, and since we no longer have a Hastings, this is a great opportunity to pick up some reading material.

The next sale is February 3rd & 4th from 9a-5p, in the basement of the Mahon Library. It's full of thousands of books and usually dozens and dozens of people. It's incredibly fun and there's always plenty of volunteers to check you out quickly. I've seen people fill shopping carts up to the brim.

It's also the half-priced edition of the book sale so your bargains will be even more extreme. For more details, check out their Facebook Event Page.

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