It's a little difficult to define what exactly a Christmas movie is. Is it a film that takes place during Christmas, or is it a film specifically about Christmas?

If we go with the former, that opens up our options to include Home Alone, Die Hard, Little Women and more movies which aren't about Christmas per se, but reference it throughout the movie.

However, if you believe a Christmas movie must actually have Christmas as its central theme, then you are going to disagree with the most beloved Christmas film in Texas: Gremlins. It's an awesome movie from my childhood about the importance of following directions and proper pet care, but not something I immediately associate with Christmas.

The "favorite" part was determined by, using Google trends and other analytics, so it's a fairly scientific conclusion.

Texas' favorite Christmas movie

So, is Gremlins a Christmas movie? By my personal metric, it is. If Alamo Drafthouse shows it as a movie party in December (which it does), then it's a Christmas movie.

So that includes the other ultra controversial "is it a Christmas movie?" flick, Die Hard, as well.

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