Is it just me, or did all that road "diet" talk in the video make you hungry for granola too?

In all seriousness, I am and have been passionate about more and better bike lanes in Lubbock. I love to ride my bike when I am able but in many places, it's just not safe and people are NOT looking out for you.

It is perfectly legal to "take the lane" when there isn't a bike lane or a shoulder to ride in, and just the other day a woman tried to run me off of a non-major street and honked loudly right beside me. It was not only incredibly rude but my riding partner and I could have been seriously injured.

I have the privilege of deciding between my bike and my car but many folks don't have a choice for any number of reasons. Some people can't afford a car or lack the ability to drive one and they deserve to have a safe alternative transportation option. That's why I love Citibus for having bike racks so cyclists can combine the two for a safe, quick commute.

Commuters should expect the least amount of interference to their normal routine as stated in the embedded Facebook post. No parking spaces or business entrances should be blocked for any significant amount of time.  Even with bike lanes popping up, please continue to look for cyclists and motorcyclists. We are harder to see sometimes but we are all sharing the same road!

Also, if anyone from the city is reading this, can y'all put bike lanes down Boston too? Thanks!




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