recently did the, ahem, "hard" work of combing through town names throughout the United States for the most obscene/fun sounding places to live. Did you know you could live in Boar Tush, Alabama? I wonder what they do for fun.

If you still want to live somewhere scandalous sounding, but don't want to leave the Lone Star State, you've got plenty of options:

Bangs, Bleakwood, Camp Wood, Cumby, Cumings, Comstock, Dickens, Ding Dong, Friendswood, Glaze City, Greatwood, Jean-Loving, Kinkler, Latex, Leakey, Lovelady, Rockwood, Snook, Spearman, Tool

Hey, Dickens is pretty close! Although the clear winner for me is Ding Dong, Texas. It's near Killeen.

For a full list of super fun town names, head over to the Estately story. I'm still astonished there's more than one town named Sugar Tit.


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