The recent leak of stolen emails used to create accounts on pay-to-cheat website Ashley Madison shows Texas Tech University avoiding the unenviable top 10 list.

The information comes from website InsideHigherEd, whose IT team downloaded the full list of Ashley Madison members and discovered more than 74,000 unique email addresses tied to .edu email addresses.

According to the site, the number far outstrips the number of email addresses ending with .mil or .gov and don't necessarily reflect just college staff and students. Since schools typically allow graduates to keep their .edu email addresses after graduating, it's impossible to pinpoint whether the people who registered are students, staff or alumni.

The full list of the 10 colleges with the most .edu accounts registered at Ashley Madison's site is below.

  1. Michigan State University - 696 accounts
  2. Pennsylvania State University - 679 accounts
  3. Kent State University - 653 accounts
  4. Virginia Tech 561 - accounts
  5. Ivy Tech Community College - 560 accounts
  6. Virginia Community Colleges - 541 accounts
  7. Ohio State University - 487 accounts
  8. University of Minnesota - 485 accounts
  9. University of Michigan - 450 accounts
  10. New York University - 438 accounts

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