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Texas Tech students are pouring back into Lubbock and I couldn't be happier. I truly believe that the kids bring joyful and positive energy into my hometown. If you're a Texas Tech student from out of town, let me say a huge welcome to you and thank you for being here.

Y'all are precious and I love you. Y'all also make some pretty great TikTok videos, and I'm excited to share some of my favorites here. From funny to sweet, stylish to stunning, y'all make Texas Tech and Lubbock a great place to live and learn.

First up is user @notsophiedela, who coordinates and models some great outfits based on Texas schools. Texas Tech's outfit is the cutest by far, in my opinion:

Next, there's this really funny yet lighthearted dig on Lubbock Christian University from @mikhail4head, another fantastic area school:

And to balance everything out, a dig on Texas Tech with this, umm, bit of a headscratcher stiched by @carter.peaslee:

I particularly love this video from @_alesalazr, because it proves that Lubbock is far from a boring place to go to school:

This TikTok from @emilyrosilier is so heartwarming and sweet that I want to find HER and tell HER how beautiful she is:

Another video that's a fun and positive look at Lubbock from @audreyyyyy111:

Okay, and now for a sad one. This poor girl failed....yoga? You'll get it next time, @sydneyboo.2!

I absolutely love this video game load screen-style video from @jvstin.moore with some Texas Tech tips, including a shout-out to the legendary Cornelius. And you're not kidding about the lotion thing.

And last but not least is a video from @zoelyons_ of an infamous incident in which a street preacher on Tech campus had their negativity drowned out by overwhelming positivity. It's quite funny and I'm quite proud of the kids on this one.

Again, welcome back, Tech. Wreck 'em! And please, keep making more TikToks for us to enjoy.

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