Thursday, new NCAA rules went into effect allowing athletes to take advantage of their name, image, and likeness (abbreviated as NIL) in endorsement campaigns while maintaining their eligibility.

One Texas Tech athlete taking advantage of NIL is Texas Tech quarterback Tyler Shough (pronounced 'Shuck'). Shough started a profile on Cameo. Cameo is a website in which celebrities, athletes, or notable people, agree to record a customized video message for an individual for a set price. Usually the videos are birthday greetings or shoutouts to someone's friends or relatives.

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There's usually a 2 to 7 day turnaround for the Cameo videos and sometimes an actor, or athlete may not be able to record videos due to scheduling issues.

Almost all of the celebs and athletes on Cameo produce brief introduction videos for their Cameo page and here is Tyler's:

Last week, Shough talked with Sports Illustrated about the impact of NIL:

“For me, the most exciting part is the opportunity to utilize my name and my brand. It’s not really about the money but I am excited to have all of us student-athletes in general to be able to benefit from who we are outside of football and all sports," Shough said in an exclusive with Sports Illustrated reporter Bri Amaranthus.

"It feels like now we can be recognized as people and not just athletes in a jersey - We really do have a lot more to offer.”

A few things to note about NIL. Universities can veto specific companies or advertiser categories for NIL endorsements. Also, the NCAA rules prohibit athletes from endorsing particular industries such as alcohol, tobacco, gambling, or illegal firearms.

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