Racist messages between Texas Tech frat members

Update: One of the members of the chat was identified as Kyle Mitchell, the president of the Texas Tech Interfraternity Council. Since the release of the chat screenshots, a new president has been appointed. [Read more]

Original story: The saddest thing about this is, we should be talking about Texas Tech's run in the College World Series right now. Instead, the talk of the town this weekend will be what to do about racists and violent messages by Texas Tech fraternity members.

You can see screenshots of the conversation in the gallery above.

Within the discussion, one of the members advocated for killing people on the U.S.-Mexican border: "the us govt. can sell permits for legal hunting on the border and we can make a sport of this, can be a new tax revenue stream for the govt."

I'm going to start with the positive. I don't believe in the current process of "burning the witch." Whether this kid and the kids that pitched in believe this foul garbage or not, they should be given a chance at some kind of redemption. They are at a university, and that's the perfect place to be taught to do better.

On the other hand, there's no place for the sentiments expressed in this conversation. The messages were ignorant, racist, violent and somebody needs to teach the jerk how to spell "gardener," too.

Texas Tech was way ahead of the curve on this one, saying:

Messages shared on social media tonight are abhorrent and strongly condemned. University officials are investigating the matter. Texas Tech is proud of the diversity that makes up our community. These insensitive and racially charged messages do not reflect our core values.

Even worse, one of the people making the comments is apparently the president of the Texas Tech Interfraternity Council, who also condemned the messages.

Texas Tech University's Interfraternity Council.

This story was updated with additional screenshots of the conversation.

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