This deal is only available for 48 hours starting on August 24th, so you have to act fast but the Texas Tech football program is basically giving tickets away to the Florida International game.

For just $15 you can buy a ticket to the Stephen F. Austin game on September 11th, the home opener. If Texas Tech wins that game, you will automatically receive a ticket for the FIU home game on September 18th for no additional cost.

This 'rollover process' will continue until the Red Raiders lose a home game.

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I'm not going to flat-out guarantee that Texas Tech will beat SFA and FIU, but the odds are pretty great. That means you buy a ticket to the SFA game and you're getting the FIU tickets on the 18th of September and the TCU game on October 9th.

It's not unreasonable to think that TCU could lose in Lubbock, which means for $15 dollars you'd get tickets to SFA, FIU, TCU, and Kansas State on October 23rd. If Texas Tech wins that one too? You get the Iowa State game tickets on November 13th. All for $15.

Now, there are a few caveats. You have to go to the game to get the rollover because only the scanned tickets will be eligible for the deal. There's also a limit of 8 tickets per account.

Even if the Red Raiders lose to TCU. That's still three games for $15.

To me, a betting man, it's worth it to throw down the money to get into the SFA game to potentially ride that wave into a $15 season ticket package where you're watching the Oklahoma State game in Lubbock, the home finale, for free. It could happen.

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