The fan experience at Jones AT&T Stadium is getting an extreme makeover this fall.

During this year's football media day, Robert Giovannetti, Senior Associate Athletics Director / External Operations at Texas Tech University, said that alcohol will now be sold during Texas Tech football home games in Lubbock.

”We will be selling beer and wine at Jones AT&T Stadium this fall," he said at the event.

The long-anticipated change was first implemented in January for Texas Tech basketball games, but this marks the first season alcoholic products will be available to purchase at Texas Tech football games.

The addition of alcohol sales at The Jones is had led to another big change: no more leaving and re-entering the stadium.

"Once you're in, you're in," Giovannetti said. "We're hoping that the sale of beer and wine will eliminate the necessity to leave at halftime to go out of the stadium."

Fans can also expect around a 48 percent decrease in prices on six of the top concessions sold at the stadium, along with 52 new point of sales areas in the upper and lower decks of the stadium, Giovannetti said.

"We think that's really gonna help the experience," he said. "If you just want a bottle of water, you just want to grab a beer, a wine, we'll have some different stations where you can just go get those quickly and not have to wait in line."

Lastly, new digital menu boards will be installed across the concourse at the stadium.


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