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A Pflugerville teacher has been placed on leave for an "inappropriate conversation" with students, according to KVUE ABC. He told students at Bohls Middle School that he felt his race was "the superior one." KVUE posted a blurred video to their article, presumably because the school has not yet identified the teacher in question and perhaps to protect the identity of underaged students. However, the video was widely shared on social media and is unblurred on other video sharing sites.

In the video, it is clear the teacher doesn't realize he is being filmed by a student behind him while he is making his remark that, "deep down in my heart, I'm ethnocentric, which means I think my race is the superior one." To which a student replies, "So, white is better than all?"

It should be considered that this was not a sociology or history class in which this conversation could somehow make sense with more context, although I am unsure how his statement could possibly be construed differently even then. It was an advisory class:

The broad purpose of an “advisory period” or “advisory program” is to ensure that at least one adult in the school is getting to know each student well, making sure their learning needs are being met, and encouraging them to make good academic choices and plan for their future. Advisories are designed to foster stronger adult-student relationships and a stronger sense of belonging and community among students.

So, the adult that you are supposed to form a bond with is telling your class that in his heart he thinks white people are superior, i.e., he quite literally is a white supremacist by his own admittance.

If you can put aside what he said as a thought experiment or whatever, surely he shouldn't be teaching because he lacks even the most minimal amount of common sense. If you are saying something in a classroom setting that you are uncomfortable with students recording, you shouldn't say it at all.

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