A woman in Texas posted a TikTok showing why she feels safe going out in public alone as long as she has her dog with her.

Caley Starkes, who lives in East Texas, has an adorable pit bull named Denali who does a great job of protecting his owner. The video Starkes posted shows Denali standing in front of her and staring down something off-screen as it passes.

Starkes' video explains that this is what he does when a car drives by too slow near his mom:

As a fellow pit bull mom, this is one of the many things that's great about having such a loyal and protective breed. Owning a dog adds so much happiness and love to your life, but they also help you feel safe.

This is especially helpful for women who live alone or are nervous to go out in public by themselves. Having a well-trained pup that will protect you is extremely comforting.

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Unfortunately, pit bulls have a terrible stigma around them that shadows people's views of a truly wonderful breed. That stigma is shown by many comments on the video, too. Some users are saying that the dog is being too reactive and it's unsafe that he's acting that way in the video.

I have to say, those people obviously don’t understand the difference between a reactive dog and a protective one. He's not showing any signs of aggression; he's simply paying close attention to something that he thinks might be a threat to his owner, who he obviously loves.

Denali, you're a fantastic pup that is doing an amazing job of protecting your mom, and I am so thankful that Starkes shared this video for the world to appreciate.

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