TikTok is an app for everyone. Whether you are looking to make or watch comedy sketches, dance videos, or just see what’s going on in other people’s lives, there is so much content to consume.

One type of video that I’m particularly fond of are the ones that feature some form of art. Whether it’s drawings, sculptures, architecture, or writing, it is amazing to see what people create.

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As a writer, I enjoy of any sort of poem, spoken word, or story people create and share with the world. These art forms can come from very personal places, and it takes a lot of courage to share them with the world.

One influencer, known as The Daily Victorian, makes videos that combine her daily yoga and whatever she is feeling in that moment. From advice to reminiscing on precious moments, her content connects with a lot of people.

One video in particular really went viral, reaching over 6 million views. In this post, she talks about what it’s like to have a friend that you’ve grown distant from. The topic of death comes up and she says, “a person doesn't really die until they are thought about for the last time.” Despite no longer being close to the person she’s speaking about, she promises to keep them alive even if they die before she does.

She says all of these meaningful things all while doing some very impressive yoga moves. These come together to form their own type of art which now captivates an audience of over 800k followers.

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