Every city in America has homes which colors can only appeal to the owner of the house (much to the dismay of the neighbors). In some coastal areas, bright or pastel colors are the norm as it is reflective of the 'beach attitude,' but when you see them in middle-America it can leave passersby thinking shaking their heads.

One unfortunate couple down near Houston in Harris County is facing the wrath of fellow residents after they painted their home in a "cute" color.

According to KHOU, Keely and Peter Dubrova actually received HOA approval before moving forward with the re-paint. Then, an area realtor snapped a photo of the home and posted it online asking viewers for their opinion on value and aesthetic appeal.

That's when a veritable online lynch mob started talking.

According to the story, some folks even went as far as sending death threats, saying "we want to hang them," while others called the couple who own the home "white trash Californians."

What do you think about the home and its color? Did people go overboard with their criticism? Let us know in the comments.

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