The game is over but the talk of the nation continues to be the legendary Super Bowl halftime performance featuring hip hop legends Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem and the Queen Of Hip Hop Soul Mary J. Blige. We're just now learning that someone in Texas had an important hand in the making of the halftime show according to KHOU.

Houston entrepreneur Britney Winters has created wigs and extensions for several celebrities.

The story of Britney Winters and how she came up to become Hollywood's most sought after wig and extensions provider is a fascinating one. She overcame a tough childhood in Houston's Third Ward and earned a full scholarship to Stanford University.

After graduating with a degree in engineering, Winters moved to New York where she was rooming with fellow Stanford alum actress Issa Rae.

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But she soon had to return to Houston to take over custody of her 8-year-old sister but she didn't stop going after her dreams. After working in corporate jobs, Winters and her sister packed up and moved to Boston where she earned an MBA from Harvard.

Winters used her business savvy and hatched a plan to open her own luxury hair business.

Using her connections at Harvard and Stanford, Winters generated the money to start her own online business and soon after Upgrade Boutique was born. Since then the stars have come calling!

Celebrity Clients Include Simone Biles, Naomi Campbell And Taraji P. Henson

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After Mary's performance, we're quite sure her phone is ringing off the hook from folks wanting to get hooked up. Winters has plans to expand her boutique into other cities including NYC and LA but for now, she's basking in the glow of Mary's long golden locks that caught everyone's attention at the Super Bowl. In a post on Instagram, Winters said the following:

"To be able to provide the wig for such a huge moment in her career is a dream come true for me."


Congratulations to Upgrade Boutique and continued success!

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