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Andrews Women’s Hospital at Baylor Scott & White All Saints Medical Center in Forth Worth delivers an average of 16 births a day. The hospital just saw a huge jump in those numbers, delivering 100 babies in less than 100 hours.

This incredible jump in numbers happened over two very close time periods:

A Texas hospital set a new baby boom record recently when staff delivered over 100 newborns over two, two-day stretches. The first round of rapid deliveries began June 24 and saw 25 girls and 27 boys delivered over 47 hours [...] The second round, which began June 28, saw staff welcome 55 more babies, including a set of twins, a matter of 44 hours.

That entire medical staff must be very exhausted. And a small forest probably went into making all those formula coupons.

Researchers predicted a baby boom following the COVID-19 pandemic. They predicted an initial dip, then a big rise in birth rates. But why? Were people just bored? For the reason why birth rates made a rebound, let's look at why they declined in the first place:

Experts point to multiple potential factors affecting the decline, including economic uncertainty, lack of child care or usual support systems, the impact on women in the workforce and postponement of reproductive and fertility care.

Basically, we were all afraid we wouldn't be able to afford babies or get them the care and stability they need. But once things started to at least appear that they would go back to normal, folks began to conceive. The boom is likely folks who held off for a bit catching up to people who would have conceived at that time anyway.

Welcome to planet earth, my fellow Texans!

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